Vietnamese Authorities Seize 600 Illicit E-Cigarette Products and Accessories

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Vietnamese Authorities Seize 600 Illicit E-Cigarette Products and Accessories

Vietnamese authorities seized nearly 600 unverified e-cigarette products and accessories from a store in Vinh Phuc province.

According to the Vietnamese City and Environment Electronic Magazine, the fifth division of the Market Management Agency in collaboration with the Provincial Police Department conducted an inspection of an e-cigarette store located in Yen Phu province and seized a significant amount of e-cigarette products and accessories with unclear origins.


It has been revealed that during an inspection, the store was found to be selling and trading nearly 600 e-cigarette products and accessories of unknown origin.


The specifics include: 40 Aspire heating oil devices, 10 Aspire RIIL X atomizers, 40 FEELIN A1 atomizers, 20 XLIM SE atomizers, 192 XLIM Cartridge e-cigarettes, 18 Baby 0.7 Ω e-cigarettes, 50 Nevoks SPL 0.6 Ω e-cigarettes, 27 Lost Vape 0.8 Ω e-cigarette heads, 40 Aspire TSX POD 1.0 Ω e-cigarettes, 100 bottles of Tropical House brand 50mg e-cigarette liquid, and 60 bottles of LUCY 3000 brand e-cigarette liquid.


All goods are made in China, with original foreign labels and no additional labels in Vietnamese, nor any invoice documents proving the source of the goods.


The Fifth Department has temporarily seized all the aforementioned goods awaiting verification, and will process them according to regulations.




Vinh Phuc: Nearly 600 smuggled electronic cigarette products and accessories temporarily detained.


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