New Zealand Implements Measures to Disposables

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New Zealand Implements Measures to Disposables

New Zealand introduces measures to limit youth vaping, including sales restrictions and banning certain disposable e-cigarettes.

On June 6th, Reuters reported that the New Zealand government has announced a series of measures to curb youth vaping, including restricting sales near schools and banning certain disposable e-cigarette products, as well as expanding the anti-smoking movement.


Although the smoking rate among adults in New Zealand is relatively low, the country has banned smoking for future generations in order to achieve its “smoke-free” goal by 2025.


The New Zealand government will start implementing changes in August to restrict the use of electronic cigarettes among young people, despite its hope that these devices can serve as a substitute for smoking. The country’s Health Minister, Ayesha Verrall, announced that the restrictions will be phased in over a six-month period.


Verrall stated in a declaration:


We are creating a future where tobacco products are no longer addictive, appealing, or easily accessible, and the same measures should be taken with electronic cigarettes.


From August onwards, all electronic cigarettes sold in New Zealand must have replaceable or detachable batteries, which will limit the availability of portable disposable e-cigarettes favored by young people. Newly established e-cigarette shops must be at least 300 meters away from schools and community facilities. E-cigarettes must have child safety mechanisms, prohibit the use of attractive names such as “cotton candy,” and use simple packaging.


In a statement, Verral expressed:


“We hope to keep e-cigarettes as far away as possible from children and young people.”




New Zealand has introduced measures to limit the use of disposable vaping products in an effort to discourage young people from taking up the habit.


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