MK BAR Recalled in Ireland Due to Excessive Nicotine Levels

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MK BAR Recalled in Ireland Due to Excessive Nicotine Levels

Two types of MK BAR vapes are recalled in Ireland due to exceeding legal nicotine levels.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland has issued a warning urging the public not to use two disposable e-cigarette products from the brand McKesse due to their exceeding legal levels of nicotine. As a result, the HSE has had these two products removed from retail shelves and has issued a recall notice to consumers, reports Irishtimes.


The two affected products are the disposable e-cigarettes MK BAR 7000 from McKesse, specifically the Blue & Razz Ice and Green Apple flavors. These products have been found to have nicotine levels surpassing the legal standard of 20mg/ml.


MK BAR Recalled in Ireland Due to Excessive Nicotine Levels
Affected vape | irishtimes


The Environmental Health Service of the HSE and the National Tobacco Control Office have submitted an alert to the European Safety Gate, a rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products in the EU. This marks the second alert the Environmental Health Service has submitted to the EU in recent weeks.


Dr. Maurice Mulcahy, the Regional Chief Environmental Health Officer of the HSE, commented, “I must remind e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers and importers that they have a responsibility to ensure full compliance with all legislative requirements.”


Anyone who has purchased these products is being advised to cease using them and return them to the store of purchase. Retailers have been instructed to issue recall notices both in-store and online, including on retail websites and social media platforms. Stores are also being asked to provide the HSE with detailed information concerning the traceability of the relevant product suppliers.


Dr. Maurice Mulcahy reminded manufacturers and importers of their legal obligation to “provide the HSE with adequate advance notification of their intention to market products in Ireland through the European Common Entry Gate.” He added, “Furthermore, they are reminded that they bear responsibility for the quality and safety of products when they are marketed and used under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions.”


McKesse has yet to respond to requests for comments. McKesse is known to originate from Mckesse (Shenzhen) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., according to information available on corporate information platforms.



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