Milwaukee Prohibits Smoke and Vape Shops Near Schools

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Milwaukee Prohibits Smoke and Vape Shops Near Schools

Milwaukee City Council passes bill restricting new tobacco and e-cigarette stores within 500ft of existing shops and 1000ft of schools.

The Milwaukee City Council in Wisconsin, United States, has officially passed a bill, as reported by news website WTMJ, that will restrict the opening of new tobacco and e-cigarette shops within 500 feet of existing stores selling cigarettes. It will also prohibit the opening of such stores within 1,000 feet of schools.

This regulation stipulates that if a new store’s inventory includes 10% or more of tobacco/e-cigarette products, then it is subject to this regulation. However, gas stations or convenience stores may not necessarily be affected.

According to a press release from the Milwaukee City Council:

Limited use regulations will be enforced in all commercial areas, town centers, and industrial manufacturing zones, restricting the establishment of new tobacco and e-cigarette shops and requiring them to comply with certain conditions or regulations. Prohibited use regulations will apply to all residential areas, other industrial zones, park areas, and institutional areas, completely banning the establishment of new tobacco and e-cigarette shops and any related business activities.

The bill has received support from City Councilmember Jonathan Brostoff, who issued the following statement:

We know that tobacco products are harmful to the public health of our city, and many of these products are marketed towards young people. This bill will make Milwaukee a better and safer place.


The city of Milwaukee has enacted a new law that prohibits smoke and vape shops from opening up in close proximity to schools.

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