Maryland Begins Sales of Recreational Marijuana

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Maryland Begins Sales of Recreational Marijuana

The state of Maryland in the United States has begun selling recreational marijuana, following a voter-supported legalization initiative. On the first day of sales, there was significant customer turnout and the industry is expected to double next year.

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The state of Maryland in the United States officially began the sale of recreational marijuana in July, just eight months after voters in the state supported a measure to legalize adult-use cannabis.


On the first day of entertainment marijuana sales, a large number of customers were attracted to queue outside the state’s marijuana distribution stores. These stores had adjusted their market for adult use of marijuana in the spring through a bill.


According to Forbes, voters in the state of Maryland passed the fourth question of the state referendum in November, legalizing recreational marijuana. The referendum was approved by nearly two-thirds of the votes.


In April, legislators passed a bill that regulates the production and sale of marijuana for adult use, which will come into effect starting from July 1st. The bill was then signed into law by Governor Wes Moore in early May.


According to the legislation, adults in Maryland who are at least 21 years old and possess valid identification will be allowed to purchase regulated marijuana products, including marijuana flowers, e-cigarettes, and gummies, among others. Sales will commence with the existing medical marijuana retailers in the state.


The bill will also rename the Maryland Medical Marijuana Commission to the Maryland Cannabis Control Agency, which will oversee the production and sale of cannabis.


The newly appointed interim director, Will Tilburg, of the organization stated that with the launch of recreational marijuana sales, the sales of marijuana in Maryland are expected to double next year.



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