Geekvape’s Progress and Plans in Non-Burning Products Market

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Geekvape’s Progress and Plans in Non-Burning Products Market

The article discusses Geekvape’s plans to expand globally with their 3D heating technology for non-burning tobacco products.

Special Statement:

This article is intended for research and discussion purposes within the industry and does not make any recommendations for brands or products. Minors are prohibited from accessing it.

The Vape Club Show Moscow, an e-cigarette exhibition, was held at the Crocus Expo Exhibition Center in Moscow on June 17th and 18th. As the official media partner of the event, 2FIRSTS provided comprehensive live coverage of the exhibition.

At the exhibition, 2FIRSTS interviewed Mao Duzhi, the overseas sales manager of HC Business Unit of Shenzhen Kignor Technology Co., Ltd, to discuss their progress in the field of non-combustible heating products and their plans to expand their global market.

Collaborates with multiple tobacco companies in various regions.

Mao Duzhi stated that the department he works in is a separate third business department from GEEKVAPE and GEEKBAR, focusing on research and development in the field of non-combustible heating products. Geekvape has already partnered with several Chinese tobacco companies, and there are currently ongoing projects in the implementation phase.

According to him, the partnership model involves producing smoking devices that are compatible with the heated non-burning pods provided by China Tobacco. Advancing this collaboration will help meet the demands of consumers in different regions.

As the cooperation is being implemented, Kickna is rapidly breaking through the market.

According to Mao Du, they formed a professional overseas business team early this year and are currently in the phase of market breakthrough. Their primary goal is to expand into the Russian and CIS markets and gradually expand their market coverage to the Middle East, Japan, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Northeast Europe. However, he emphasized that they have not yet officially sold non-combustible products in these markets.

Bypassing the IQOS technology barrier equipment.

Rewritten: Finding ways to circumvent the IQOS technology barrier for equipment.

Kiqna’s technological advantage in the heated non-burning product sector lies in its use of 3D heating technology, which provides more even heating for pods and results in a better combustion sensation. This technical advantage sets Kiqna apart from its competitors in the highly competitive heated non-burning product market and creates differentiation against main competitor IQOS.

Mao Du Zhi stated:

IQOS has effectively monopolized the market, with Keqina being one of the few companies capable of producing equipment that can circumvent the barriers.

However, heated non-burning products face some challenges on a global scale. Mao Duzhi pointed out that there are differences in countries’ preferences for product flavors, which poses a challenge for companies like Keekona exporting heated non-burning products.

Foreign audiences may not necessarily be accustomed to the taste of Chinese tobacco, among other things.

Mao Duzhi emphasized that heating non-combustible products is not aimed at attracting non-smokers or young people, but rather provides a high-tech alternative option for mature traditional cigarette users to reduce harm.

He believes that there is tremendous potential for the development of heated non-burning products, which could become a direction encouraged by countries worldwide. More and more countries and regions are paying attention to the health issues of tobacco cigarettes and seeking alternatives, and heated non-burning products are an innovative choice that meets this demand.

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