FDACTP Calls for Public Comments on Five-Year Plan

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FDACTP Calls for Public Comments on Five-Year Plan

FDA invites public comment on its five-year strategic plan at a virtual hearing in August.

According to an announcement on the website of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) will hold a virtual hearing at 10 a.m. Eastern Time on August 22, 2023. The hearing will provide an opportunity for the public to make oral comments on the development of the five-year strategic plan, including proposed strategic objectives. Each registered speaker will have about four minutes to make oral comments on any topic related to the strategic plan.


The CTP has reportedly initiated the development of a five-year strategic plan to advance its mission. As part of an iterative process, the CTP has defined five proposed objective areas, shaped collaboratively by the center’s various departments and leaders.


These objective areas will interrelate with four cross-cutting themes of health equity, science, transparency, and stakeholder engagement. The center plans to release its strategic plan by the end of 2023, including the collection and consideration of public comments. Registered speakers will have about four minutes to orally share their opinions on topics related to the strategic plan.


In addition to this hearing, the CTP also seeks to collect public comments on the proposed objective areas. The CTP requests that comments be forward-looking, constructive, and briefly answer the following questions:


  • What key features, activities, or initiatives would you like the CTP to consider in the proposed objective areas? For example, in the area of regulations and guidance documents, we are interested in feedback on specific regulations and guidance documents that FDA should pursue and how they should prioritize. 
  • What are the measurable short and long-term outcomes of the proposed objective areas in the next 2 to 5 years? 
  • What are three specific measures that CTP could take in the next five years that would have the greatest impact on significantly reducing tobacco-related deaths and diseases? 
  • Apart from what is covered in the proposed objective areas, what important features, activities, or initiatives do you think the CTP should consider in the strategic plan? 

Please note that in addition to the hearing, the public can also submit electronic or written comments to the clerk. Electronic comments must be submitted by August 29, and written comments must be postmarked by the same date. For more information on submitting comments, please visit the notice page of the Federal Register.


The proposed objective areas are as follows:

  • Develop, advance, and communicate comprehensive and effective tobacco regulations and guidelines
  • Ensure timely, clear, and consistent product review to protect public health
  • Ensure compliance of regulated industry and tobacco products through robust enforcement measures
  • Improve public health by enhancing knowledge and understanding of the risks of tobacco product regulation and use
  • Continually improve operational excellence.


[1] Listening Session: Developing FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products’ Strategic Plan

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