AIRSCREAM’s Development Plan for Middle East Market

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AIRSCREAM’s Development Plan for Middle East Market

The World Vape Show in Dubai was covered by 2FIRSTS, who interviewed UK brand AIRSCREAM about their plans to enter the Middle East market.

2FIRSTS went on-site and focused on key exhibitors for in-depth interviews at the Dubai World Trade Center, reporting on important market information obtained from the exhibition.


At the exhibition site, 2FIRSTS interviewed the British e-cigarette brand AIRSCREAM to learn about its current status and development plans.


According to a spokesperson for AIRSCREAM, the company’s main product is an open system, and its sub-brand Ink Lords focuses on high puff volume products. The spokesperson told 2FIRSTS that although they are a UK brand, their main market is not in the UK because they believe the UK market is “fake”. When asked to elaborate, the spokesperson explained that the UK has capacity restrictions on e-cigarette liquid, but everyone is secretly selling products that exceed the limit.


The spokesperson went on to explain that AIRSCREAM’s main markets are in Africa and New Zealand, with plans to develop the Middle East as their second largest market outside of Europe. They stated that they chose to focus on the Middle East market because the mainstream product in the region is high puff volume e-cigarettes, which is exactly what AIRSCREAM’s Ink Lords series caters to, making it a perfect fit for the market demands.


专访英国品牌AIRSCREAM:英国市场不诚实 一次性应消失 将发力中东市场
The Ink Lords booth at WVS | 2FIRSTS


Regarding the timeline for entering the Middle East market, the spokesperson stated that AIRSCREAM has not yet found a large-scale distributor to assist with sales in the region, which has delayed their products from being launched in that market. He added, “Our distribution channels in other markets are primarily through dealer agents.”


Regarding the development trend of the e-cigarette category, the spokesperson believes that disposable e-cigarettes have disrupted the market. The appearance of disposable e-cigarettes has caused businesses to be unwilling to guide consumers towards open products, and has also brought about environmental protection issues. The spokesperson’s opinion is that “disposable e-cigarettes should disappear.”


Regarding the recent environmental concerns surrounding e-cigarettes, the spokesperson mentioned that AIRSCREAM launched 100% recyclable products in the New Zealand on May 11th, and the response has been positive. As explained, consumers can return used products to the retailer, who will send them back to the company for dismantling and refurbishing. The battery and other components will be reused in the manufacture of new products.


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