25,000 Illegal Vapes Seized by Turkish Police

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25,000 Illegal Vapes Seized by Turkish Police

Turkish authorities confiscate 25,000 smuggled e-cigarettes worth 15 million Turkish Lira in Edirne.

In a major crackdown on the illegal smuggling of e-cigarettes, Turkish authorities seized 25,000 units from a truck on the TEM motorway in Havsa County, Edirne, as reported by Turkish media outlet Medyagazete on July 17th. The estimated value of the confiscated goods amounts to 15 million Turkish Lira ($570,000).


The Smuggling and Organized Crime Control Bureau (Kaçakçılık ve Organize Suçlarla Mücadele Şubesi) of the Edirne Provincial Police Department is leading the ongoing investigation.


The police team stationed at the Havsa location on the TEM motorway had been monitoring the truck, which was en route to Istanbul, driven by a suspect identified only as M.Y.


Following the operation, the driver M.Y. was arrested. The confiscated products have been stored at the provincial police department.



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